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Share your ideas to shape Leeds.

What is Leeds Needs?

Leeds Needs is a new service that allows you to share your ideas with everyone on how to improve the city of Leeds. It gives you the chance to tell the Council directly what you want from our city.

How does it work?

To share your idea simply take a photo of the location you think needs improving, explain what is wrong with the area and what you would do to improve it. Then upload your idea to Leeds Needs with its location by selecting where you are or entering its address.

What happens then?

As ideas are posted on Leeds Needs you, the citizens of Leeds, have the opportunity to rate them based on how much you think Leeds needs each one. After a bi-monthly period the highest rated ideas are provided to the Council to be made a reality.

What can I do?

Sign up to Leeds Needs or log in with an existing social networking account, take a walk around where you live and start uploading your ideas on how to improve it. Once you've joined remember to take some time to browse, rate and share other's ideas to show the Council exactly what its citizens think Leeds needs.


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